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We Help Advance Law Firms' Client Experience and Marketing Stategy

Enhance your Law Firm's Growth and Innovation with ScaleLegal's Fractional CMO Services. Our dedicated team offers customized marketing strategies and advanced technological solutions to transform your practice, focusing on sustainable marketing efforts and client engagement.

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Business Innovation...Client Growth 

We specialize in Fractional CMO services for law firms. We understand the unique challenges that law firms face in their quest to grow. Balancing your legal responsibilities while trying to navigate the complexities of marketing can be overwhelming.

Expert Guidance

Our team of seasoned advisors bring a weath of knowledge and experience in the legal client experience and marketing strategy.

Customized Strategies

We recognize that each law firm has a unique way of serving their clients and delivering legal services in their market and practice areas. 

Focus on Scale

Our primary objective is to help you identify and implement the most effective client experience and marketing strategies for your firm. 

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Part-Time Marketing Leadership for
Growth-Minded Law Firm Owners

Engage with ScaleLegal to reshape your law firm's client experience and marketing strategies. Our Part-Time CMOs are committed to your firm's advancement and success. Connect with us now to explore how we can propel your firm to new horizons.

Building a Unforgettable Client Experiences

Our CMO approach initiates with a comprehensive evaluation of your firm's existing client journey and marketing strategy, identifying avenues for improvement and opportunities for advancement. Subsequently, we create a tailored strategic marketing playbooks, integrating cutting-edge tools and technologies. We collaborate closely with your team to ensure smooth execution and ongoing refinement, staying attuned to the dynamic legal landscape.



We commence by conducting a thorough assessment of your existing innovation and growth strategies, identifying areas for enhancement and potential advancement.



Drawing from our analysis, we formulate a customized playbook that encompasses the incorporation of client experience strategy and marketing execution.



Our team collaborates closely with you and your strategic partners to support the implementation of each strategies, ensuring seamless integration into your existing operations.



The legal market is dynamic, and so are our strategies. We regularly review and refine our approaches to keep you ahead of the curve. 

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Comprehensive Fractional CMO services to scale your legal business. 

From marketing optimization, to client experience, to marketing innovation and modernization, our Fractional CMO services are meticulously crafted to strategically elevate your law firm across all facets of the end-to-end client journey.

What's included in our services

We developed our service to be accessible by growing small and medium size law firms. All CMO Service engagements include CMO Essentials, strategy sessions, reporting and more. Our service is designed to help you scale without spending more time managing the day-to-day marketing implementation. You will be matched with a fractional CMO for your strategy sessions, all whom have ten plus years of experience in marketing and/or client experience roles. 


CMO Essentials

Include key business canvas', communication strategies, campaign key messages, target audiences, marketing channels & tactics, basic content strategy plan, campaign strategies and marketing funnel. 


Strategy Catalyst

This goes beyond the CMO Essentials, we will conduct legal competitive analysis, deep client journey mapping, and will provide a marketing tactics plan aligned with the customer journey. 



Every engagement includes marketing and client experience reporting. Our reports will help guide you through the optimization process and make sure you hit your business goals. 


Content Marketing Support

Support for the development and execution of a content marketing strategy, including AI-assisted content creation for key campaigns, content oversight, and performance tracking.


MarTech Advisement

Expert advice on the selection and application of marketing technologies that can streamline operations, improve client experiences, and enhance marketing effectiveness.


Marketing Team Advisory

Guidance and tools to help retain, recruit and hire a high-performing marketing team, including job description templates, candidate/employee assessments, and interview support.


Marketing Team Mentorship

Ongoing guidance and mentorship for in-house marketing teams, focusing on best practices, industry trends, and strategic marketing leadership.


Agency Accountability

Coordination and management of third-party marketing service provider ensures that tasks are completed in alignment with overall strategic direction of the firm and within budget.


Resource Identification

Whether you need a full service agency, SEO resource, graphic designer or other marketing resource, allow us to use our network and experience to find you the best resource.

And many more!

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Here's what is Included with every

´╗┐Fractional CMO Engagement

ScaleLegal offers executive-level marketing support designed for law firms that's both accessible and affordable. Fractional CMO Service includes a dedicated fractional CMO to help craft an effective marketing strategy specific to your practice area and target market. Every engagement includes 15-minute weekly sync-ups, further enriched with monthly strategy sessions and advanced KPI analysis to ensure a solid marketing return-on-investment (MROI). Schedule a strategy session today to discover how we can hit your goals.

  • CMO Essentials: Marketing Strategy, Marketing Canvas, Buyer Profile, and more

  • Dedicated Fractional CMO: Experienced Marketing Executive with a minimum of 10 years marketing strategy and leadership experience and legal industry knowledge and expertise. 

  • Kickoff & Quarterly Strategy Session: Every client receives a 90-minute kickoff strategy session and quarterly strategy and planning sessions (4 Hours Per Quarterly Session).

  • Legal Industry Specific Funnels & Tactics: We have developed more than 300 legal industry specific marketing tactics and each client recieves a unique, practice area specific marketing funnel. 

  • Content Marketing Strategy & Execution: Aligned with your marketing strategy, your CM will craft a content marketing strategy and craft emails, social media post, blogs and more. 

  • Weekly & Monthly Meetings: We will meet weekly for 15 /minute syncs with your internal resources to update you on marketing activity progress. Additionally, we will meet each month to review marketing KPIs, and adjust the marketing necessary. 

  • One Simple Price $6250/Month

    ... and Get access top level marketing leadership, day-to-day implementation and support for your law business. 

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    • Requires a 12-Month Commmitment, with ScaleLegal Guarantee

    "Our marketing is really gaining serious traction, and we are getting strong leads that convert. We met our revenue goals for January and February and are on track to breaking 1.2 million in 2024 :). I have to say that your advice on focusing on other metrics, rather than just revenue was extremely helpful. I've been focusing on goals like 3 new videos a week, 1 podcast a month, website downloads, and client satisfaction surveys. That has made the revenue increase in a way that feels a bit more effortless."

    Immigration Attorney, Florida

    Expert Marketing Leadership and Support at a Fraction of the Cost

    ScaleLegal presents a cost-effective solution for your marketing leadership needs. According to Salary.com, the average CMO in Spartanburg, South Carolina will cost $615,533 annually in Salary +Benefits + Bonus (a representation of smaller market salaries)   We offer a specially structured engagement for small to medium-sized law firms needing marketing strategy and support at just a fraction of the cost. Let us manage your marketing execution and drive your internal and external resources towards achieving Key Performance Indicators (KPI), ensuring both efficiency and effectiveness.


    Last Updated: 1/2023

    The ScaleLegal Guarantee

    Our guarantee is straightforward: if you decide to work with ScaleLegal, and within the first month that we're not the right fit, you'll receive a full refund, no questions asked. Our aim is to support your law firm in becoming the most sought-after in your market for your practice area. We are dedicated to your firm's success and client satisfaction.

    The ScaleLegal Core Values

  • We Are Problem Solvers.

  • We Strive For Full Transparency.

  • We Believe In Freedom.

  • Client Success Is At The Root of Everything We Do.