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Turn your Law Firms' client experience into its biggest competitive advantage

Specializing in Sales & Marketing Funnel Optimization and Enhanced Video Processes, our services are tailored to strategically advance your law firm's client engagement and marketing effectiveness.

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At ScaleLegal, our ideal customer profile encompasses ambitious solo attorneys and small law firms poised for growth. We specifically cater to law firm owners who ready to achieve growth and are not afraid to make investments into themselves and their businesses. 

Our services are a perfect match for solos and small law firms (>$1M in revenue) that are looking to scale their operations efficiently, leveraging our 30-day funnel accelerator, ongoing support, and comprehensive advisory services.

These firms and attorneys are not just seeking growth; they are ready to embrace innovative strategies and advanced technologies to revolutionize their client engagement and marketing efforts.

Growth Minded

Our clients relentlessly pursue growth, always aiming higher

Ready to Invest

They recognize the importance of strategic investment for success

Experiment Minded

Open to new strategies, they embrace innovative approaches.

Engaged & Involved

Actively collaborating, they ensure alignment with their vision.

Who is ScaleLegal for?

  • Law Firms $200K+ in revenue that have yet to invest time in building a streamlined business.

  • Are losing client opportunities and revenue because of ineffective sales and marketing systems.

  • Your team is frustrated spending too much time fielding client calls and emails. 

  • Realize you are not a marketing or sales expert and want help analyzing your funnel.

  • You want want to gain a competitive advantage in your market and practice area

  • Wants to stay ahead of your competitors and innovate and automate your firm. 

Who is this service not for?

  • Solo Attorney's with under $200K in revenue, and no employees (or contractors). 

  • Firms that are not interested in improving your end-to-end client experience

  • You believe all of your problems will go away with little action and don't want to be involved in the process.

Boost Your Sales and Marketing Funnel Efficiency for Enhanced Conversions and Revenue Growth. 

Our 3-step process is designed to quickly uncover opportunities for growth within your existing sales and marketing funnel, withour spending more on marketing. From our experience, you potentially have tens of thousands, if not millions in revenue opportunities leaking out or stuck in your existing sales & marketing funnel. Let us help you uncover growth today!

The ScaleLegal Guarantee

We promise to you that once you decide to start working with our team, if at any point in the first two weeks you decide you don't like working with us, we will refund 100% of your money, no questions asked. Our goal is to deliver you results. We are on a mission to help 5,000 small and medium law firms generate 2-10x more revenue, enhance the client experience and delight their clients. 

Last Updated: 1/2023

The ScaleLegal Core Values

  • We Are Problem Solvers.

  • We Strive For Full Transparency.

  • We Believe In Freedom.

  • Client Success Is At The Root of Everything We Do.