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Embrace the Future of Law - Innovation, Change and Technology

Welcome to the NexGen Legal Leaders podcast, a hub for forward-thinking legal practitioners and leaders seeking to propel their firms towards the future. We tap into the minds of the trailblazers in the legal realm, spotlighting the Next Generation Legal Leaders who aren't just adapting to, but are driving, the ongoing disruption in our industry.

  • We'll explore how the legal industry faceing a paradigm shift.

  • Understanding the challenge is essential for future-proofing.

  • We will spotlight technological advancements and trends.

  • Designed to guide embracing change for a thriving practice.

Topic Diversity

In NexGen Legal Leaders, we cover diverse topics like AI, Automation, Client Experience and more, to ensure you stay ahead in the ever-evolving legal landscape.

Guest Insights

Our podcast spotlights next-generation law firm owners, legal industry experts, and CEOs & CTOs of legal-tech firms who are leading the charge in reshaping the legal industry.

Future Looking

We dive into future-proofing your firm - embracing tech advancements and decoding emerging trends shaping the law industry.

Join Us

Be part of the legal industry's transformation. Join our dynamic conversations on NexGen Legal Leaders. Your future of law journey starts here.


About Your Host

Jesse J. Frye, our host, brings with him a wealth of expertise from his 25 years of experience in technology, education, and the legal industry. As a legal industry coach with Law Firm Mentor and CEO of ScaleLegal, Jesse has coached hundreds of small law firm business owners, offering valuable insights into the challenges they face.

A well-regarded speaker, he has shared his knowledge on automation, Ai, leadership, and emerging technologies at conferences around the globe. With Jesse at the helm, expect insightful discussions that cut to the heart of the transformation of the legal industry.

About Jesse J. Frye

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