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FastPlan: Affordable Marketing Strategy Delivered in 10 Days or Less.

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Don't Know Where to Start?

For small and medium-sized law firms, crafting an effective marketing plan often feels like venturing into uncharted territory. Many find themselves asking, "Where do we even start?" The common pitfalls? Assuming a marketing plan isn't necessary, or being overwhelmed by the sheer options and strategies. This indecision and misunderstanding stall potential growth, leaving valuable opportunities on the table.

Biggest Challenges for Small and Medium Size Law Firms:

  • Attracting new Clients: According to Thomson-Reuters, 66% of small law firms, struggle to attract enough clients. We will build you a plan that IF executed, will attract more clients. 

  • Return-on-Marketing-Investment (ROMI): Most small and medium law firms that we work with struggle to get a return on the marketing activities they attempt to implement. There are usually reasons for this, including, doing the wrong marketing tactics. 

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    Your Law Firm is Unique, So Are Our Plans


    Crafting Your Success: We'll create a tailered strategy specific for your law practice. 

    Imagine a marketing plan that's not just a plan but a blueprint for success, specifically designed for your law firm. With FastPlan, your firm stops spending on generic, ineffective marketing and starts investing in targeted strategies with a higher return on investment. This isn't just marketing; it's your roadmap to standing out in a crowded market and connecting with the clients who need your services the most.

    Introducing ScaleLegal's FastPlan


    FastPlan is a revolutionary marketing service tailored specifically for law firms, designed to transform their marketing strategy with a customized, actionable plan delivered in just 10 days. It provides law firms with a comprehensive blueprint for success, including customized buyer profiles, business canvases, communication frameworks, campaign essentials, and a 90-day marketing plan. This service not only offers strategic direction and targeted strategies for a higher ROI but also sets the stage for next-level growth through ScaleLegal's Fractional CMO Service.

  • Customized Buyer Profile for Your Ideal Target Avatar (valued at $700)

  • Customized Business Canvases (valued at $500)

  • Communication Framework (valued at $100)

  • Campaign Essentials (key messages, avatars, top marketing channels, etc.) (valued at $100)

  • One 60-Minute Strategy Session with a Legal Industry CMO (valued at $300)

  • We will also give you a file with more than 300 marketing tactic ideas that could be implemented in the future.

    $1700 value delivered in just 10 days for ONLY $997

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    Experienced Fractional Chief Marketing Officers (CMOs)

    Service Beyond the Plan

    For firms ready to take their growth to the next level, FastPlan is just the beginning. ScaleLegal's Fractional CMO Service offers ongoing, strategic marketing leadership tailored to the unique needs of law firms.

    • It's not just about having a plan; it's about continuously optimizing and leading the market.

    • Consider this the key to not just competing but dominating in your field.

    Cost Effective

    Maximize your marketing budget with the expertise of a CMO, without the full-time salary expense, optimizing your return on investment in marketing activities.

    Strategic Insights

    Access high-level marketing strategies tailored specifically for your law firm's growth and client acquisition, ensuring effective targeting and positioning in your market.

    Flexibility Advantage

    Quickly adjust to market shifts and scale marketing with a fractional CMO, ensuring your firm stays competitive and responsive to evolving needs.

    "Our Marketing is Really Gaining Serious Traction"

    Immigration Attorney, Florida

    “I have to say that your advice on focusing on other metrics, rather than the revenue number was extremely helpful. I've been focusing on goals like 3 new videos a week, 1 podcast a month, website downloads, and client satisfaction surveys. That has made the revenue increase in a way that feels a bit more effortless. Our marketing is really gaining serious traction, and we are getting strong leads to convert. We met our revenue goals in January and February and are on track to breaking $1.2MM in 2024.

    Last Updated: 1/2023

    The ScaleLegal Guarantee

    Our guarantee is straightforward: if you decide to work with ScaleLegal, and within the first month* that we're not the right fit, you'll receive a full refund, no questions asked. Our aim is to support your law firm in becoming the most sought-after in your market for your practice area. We are dedicated to your firm's success and client satisfaction.

    *Only applies to monthly fractional CMO services

    The ScaleLegal Core Values

  • We Are Problem Solvers.

  • We Strive For Full Transparency.

  • We Believe In Freedom.

  • Client Success Is At The Root of Everything We Do.