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ScaleLegal's Innovation Memberships

Join ScaleLegal's Innovation Memberships, perfectly suited for Solo Practitioners and Law Firm Owners. Innovation memberships are designed to guide and streamline the process of optimizing the legal client experience (CX) and enhance your businesses marketing strategy. 
Memberships Launching in Q2 2024

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Stay Ahead of the Competition

Innovate and Elevate

Create Amazing Client Experiences

Transform Client Experiences inJust 30-Days

Innovation Memberships from ScaleLegal is your pathway to crafting exceptional client experiences. This membership program aids in pinpointing and refining key client interaction points. Utilize our framework and resources to develop a distinctive, high-impact client journey, enhancing both engagement and satisfaction.


Law Firms that focused on improving their client experience see an average of 33% increase in revenue annually. 


Bain & Company revealed that a 5% increase in the customer experience can lead to a 55-70% increase in the businesses value over 5 years.


A recent study found that 67% of legal clients are likely to recommend the law firm when they had a positive customer experience. 

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Standout from your legal competitors

Improving client experience is vital for law firms to differentiate and foster loyalty. ScaleLegal's Innovation Memberships provide essential tools and frameworks to enhance and expedite the client journey, ensuring a competitive edge in client relations and retention.

  • Client-Centric Tools: Access specialized tools designed for improving client interactions and satisfaction.

  • Proven Frameworks: Implement strategies to create seamless and memorable client experiences.

  • Marketing Strategy: Get access to marketing turnkey marketing canvas', turnkey Ai content generators, marketing plan templates, tactics checklist, and more. 


Seamless client experiences lead to higher satisfaction, making interactions with your firm more pleasant and memorable for clients.


Positive client experiences boost your firm’s reputation, attracting new clients through strong word-of-mouth and favorable reviews.


Efficient client journey management reduces time and resources spent on client interactions, increasing your firm's overall operational efficiency.


A streamlined end-to-end experience not only retains clients but also encourages them to refer your services to others, expanding your client base.

Join The Membership

Join ScaleLegal's Innovation Memberships to access tools and resources that will transform your law firm's client experience and marketing strategies. Elevate your practice with our expertly designed frameworks, guides, and workshops, all part of our comprehensive membership package.

Who this program is for?

  • Solo Attorneys: Ideal for independent lawyers seeking an affordable solution to learn how to innovate their firm. 

  • Small to Medium Law Firm Owners: Tailored for law firms looking to enhance innovate their client journey.

  • Marketing Managers in Legal Firms: Perfect for those responsible for improving the firm's overall client experience. 

  • Innovative Legal Teams: Suited for legal teams eager to adopt cutting-edge innovation, models and strategies.

  • Client-Focused Law Practices: For firms prioritizing client experience and engagement in their growth strategy.

Who this program is NOT for?

  • Boring People: If you have ever been identified as a "boring person" or are not open minded to learning new innovation strategies, curious of optimizing your clients experience. Do you! 

  • Firms Not Ready to Implement New Strategies: Not suitable for firms unwilling or unable to adapt and apply new marketing or client experience strategies.

  • Firms Without a Digital Presence: If you are still 100% a paper based firm, you have a lot of work to do before we can help you. Schedule a strategy, we can get you moving in the right direction. 

  • Legal Professionals Seeking Quick, Effortless Solutions: Its your firm, which means you need to be involved. If you want a fully turnkey solution without doing any of the work, then we wish you all the best. 

  • Non-Legal Businesses: Our memberships and advisory services are specifically designed for legal professionals and law firms, not applicable to other industries.

Avoid Client Experience Missteps

Avoid client experience missteps with ScaleLegal's Innovation Memberships. These memberships provide insights and tools to identify and rectify your law firm's client journey inefficiencies. Gain insights into what technologies you should be taking advantage of, what models you need to move to and how to build a sustainable client journey. 

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What to Expect?

  • Resource Access: Gain tools, guides, and templates for client experience and marketing strategy. 

  • Innovation Concepts: Will will give you regular guidance and advisement on emerging client experience strategies such as how to utilize Ai to streamline and engage clients. 

  • Exclusive Frameworks: We'll guide you on how to implement proven end-to-end client experiences. 

  • Ongoing Advisement: Your firm is constantly changing, and our advisory services will routinely meet with you to help you stay ahead of your competitors. (add-on advisory services)

Starts at $199 /mo*

Transform your law firm with ScaleLegal's memberships, starting at $199/mo* which include a suite of tools, resources, and innovative frameworks. These memberships are further enhanced with premium advisory services, focusing on optimizing the legal client experience (CX) and marketintg strategy. They specifically target improving your firm’s client experience and overall marketing, providing a holistic approach to client engagement and relationship management.

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*$199 /mo when paying 12-months in full, $399/mo month-to-month

Last Updated: 1/2023

The ScaleLegal Guarantee

Our guarantee is straightforward: if you decide to work with ScaleLegal, and within the first month that we're not the right fit, you'll receive a full refund, no questions asked. Our aim is to support your law firm in becoming the most sought-after in your market for your practice area. We are dedicated to your firm's success and client satisfaction.

The ScaleLegal Core Values

  • We Are Problem Solvers.

  • We Strive For Full Transparency.

  • We Believe In Freedom.

  • Client Success Is At The Root of Everything We Do.