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Tailored Marketing Strategy and Budgets for Solo Attorneys and Small Law Firms

Crafting a successful legal practice hinges on devising a sound budget and strategic plan. By synchronizing these aspects, you can optimize your resources, safeguarding steady lead generation and client retention for your firm's expansion.

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The "Ideal" Legal Marketing Budget

Many attorneys, particularly those operating solo practices or small law firms, grapple with the concept of "magic numbers" in terms of their marketing budget. Determining an optimal marketing budget that specifically tailors to your firm's success can be a significant challenge. Getting it wrong could mean underfunding a crucial goal, or overspending on a lower priority task.

Step 1: Marketing Objectives

Extract the marketing objectives from your firm’s business goals, setting qualitative and quantitative targets and milestones for achieving these objectives.

Step 2: Measure Success

Work out how you'll measure your success (if you can't measure it, don't do it!). You need to always identify your key metrics, timeline and how you will track your success. 

Step 3: Research Tools and Platforms

Now it's time to research and select the right tools and platforms. Note - if your annual budget for tradeshows is only $30K, it's best to avoid high-cost strategies like tradeshow-centric exposure.

Step 4: Break down activities

Break down your legal marketing activity into its fundamental components (PR/Media relations, lead generation, branding and positioning, content distribution, legal services marketing, Marcom, social media, events, etc.). 

Step 5: Document Numbers

Now, all you need to do is fill in the budget numbers, set priorities, outline a timeline – and get started. The best things to do is have a google sheet or excel sheet to organize your budget.  Sounds simple, doesn't it?

Step 6: Put Budget into Action

Simply having a marketing strategy and budget won't help your law firm grow. You need to put your plan and budget into action and start spending. If you are unsure where to start, schedule a call with us, we can help. 

Last Updated: 1/2023

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