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Unlock Your Firms Marketing Potential

Are you a solo attorney or small law firm owners striving to stand out in a crowded legal market? ScaleLegal Marketing Catalyst Program can help revolutionize your marketing efforts and propel your practice to new heights. 

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Turn-Key Marketing Strategy & Ongoing Advisement

Harness the power of the Catalyst Framework, ScaleLegal's turnkey marketing model, designed to amplify your firm's brand, enhance awareness, and generate leads. This robust framework is the cornerstone of our Marketing Catalyst solution, providing solo attorneys and small law firms with a strategic, step-by-step approach to marketing success. Through expert guidance and tailored strategies, the Catalyst Framework empowers you to achieve a commanding market presence, ensuring your firm not only attracts but also retains your ideal clients. Elevate your practice with this dynamic marketing model and watch as your firm transforms into a beacon of legal excellence. Discover the Catalyst Framework's impact by viewing our video today.

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Affordable Marketing Action

The ScaleLegal Marketing Catalyst Program transcends traditional learning frameworks by immersing you in an action-oriented journey, where the emphasis is not just on acquiring knowledge but on implementing, tracking, and refining your marketing strategies in real-time. This is a program for doers, for law firms ready to leap from theory to practice, and see their growth ambitions turn into measurable results.

Implementation at Its Core: From day one, you'll dive into developing and applying marketing tactics tailored to your law firm's unique needs and goals. Each session is designed to leave you with a clear set of actions, ensuring that every new strategy learned is immediately put into practice. This hands-on approach guarantees that the insights gained are not just theoretical but are actively shaping the future of your practice.

Weekly Performance Tracking:

What sets the ScaleLegal Marketing Catalyst Program apart is its rigorous performance tracking system. Each week, you'll measure the impact of your implemented tactics, using real data to gauge success and identify areas for improvement. This continuous performance monitoring allows for agile marketing adjustments, ensuring your strategies remain effective and responsive to the dynamic legal market landscape.Mar

Expert Guidance

Benefit from the expertise of Fractional CMOs who bring a wealth of knowledge directly to you.

Collaborative Learning

Join a small strategy group of like-minded legal professionals to collaborate and learning together. 

Actionable Strategies

Walk away with practical, actionable strategic and tactic plans that you can implement immediately.

Long-Term Support

Our program ensures your marketing strategies evolve to keep you ahead of the competition.

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Coaching? Marketing Agency?

ScaleLegal Marketing Catalyst is NOT a coaching program and we are not a marketing agency, this is a Marketing Implementation Action program that gives you a framework and model to implement, and helps you learn how to implement quickly and strategically. This is the first step to working with our Fractional CMOs and building a repeatable, scalable, marketign engine. 

We have found that most solo attorneys and small law firm owners struggle to identify the best marketing strategies, and often get taken advantage of by marketing agencies that think lawyers don't know anything about marketing.

Our mission is to make high-level marketing strategy accessible to solo attorneys and law firms. 


Get More Clients

We help law firms identify who their ideal client is and the best ways to attract them. 


Build Stronger Brands

In addition to helping you identify the best strategies to attract more clients, we help you strengthen your firms brand. 

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Designed Specifically for Solos and Small Firms.

We have structured our program in such a way that it helps solo attorneys and small law firm owners implement highly effective marketing strategies and tactics that move your firm forward and achieve the results you expect. Below are the seven key components of the ScaleLegal Marketing Catalyst Program.  


    1. Strategic Foundations

    Establish the foundational elements of the law firm's marketing strategy, ensuring alignment with business goals and market opportunities.


    2. Insight-Driven Decision Making

    Learn how to leverage data and insights to drive marketing decisions, focusing on how to identify issues in your marketing quickly, and learn to adjust and adapt even faster. 


    3. Client Engagement Blueprint

    Working together, you will map out the client journey, identifying key touchpoints and opportunities for engagement. Develop content and communication strategies tailored to each stage.


    4. Marketing Funnel Optimization

    Create a structured approach to moving potential clients through the marketing funnel, from initial awareness to decision-making.


    5. Performance Monitoring & Analytics

    Set up key performance indicators (KPIs) for all marketing activities. Regularly review analytics to assess effectiveness and ROI.


    6. Collaborative Growth

    You will be part of a group of up to five solo attorneys and small law firm owners in a Catalyst Group. You will meet twice of month and recieve group insights, ideas and feedback on your marketing activities and strategy. 


    7. Agile Implementation

    You will develop a framework for rapid testing of new marketing ideas, campaigns, and channels. We encourage a mindset of experimentation and learning from failures.

High-Level Marketing Strategy & Guidance for $997/Month!

... If at any point within the first 30 days you are not satisfied, we will give you your money back, no questions. We limit each Marketing Catalyst Group to 5 People. 

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Get a year of access for ONE LOW monthly price. Minimum of 6-month commitment. 

Packed Full of Value and Growth

Our Marketing Catalyst program is designed for solo and small firm owners that are tired of not knowing where to start or what do next as it relates to marketing their law practice. We recognize that more than half of solo attorneys and small law firm owners struggle to attract enough clients, and we also recognize that you have limited budget. Our fractional marketing services cost $6K+ per month, and we know that is out of reach for most solo and small attorneys, which is why we designed this program for $997 /mo. If you want to implement high-level marketing into your law business, then look no further. 


CMO Expertise

Gain insights from seasoned CMOs, leveraging their vast experience to tailor your firm’s marketing strategies precisely.


Strategic Planning

We will develop a comprehensive marketing plan that aligns with your firm, ensuring targeted efforts and maximized results.


Troubleshooting & Guidance

Receive expert guidance on troubleshooting marketing challenges, ensuring continuous improvement and success.


23 Strategy Sessions /Year 

Participate in 23 enriching sessions per year, designed to keep your marketing efforts aligned and focused on growth.


Dedicated Strategy Group

Join a mastermind-like group of 4 peers, fostering a collaborative environment for shared learning and support. 


Tools, Templates & Resources

Access a vast library of 300+ legal-specific marketing tactics, and a wealth of resources for strategy enhancement.

66% of Firms Say They Need More Clients! 

... If you are struggling to figure out marketing, want to increase the number of clients you serve and are ready to get the help you desperately need, then secure your spot today. 

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Get a year of access for ONE LOW monthly price. 6-Month Commitment.


  • Solo Attorneys and Small Law Firm owners struggling with Marketing.

  • Your referrals are just not bringing in the number of clients you need to grow. 

  • You are doing some marketing, but are not being strategic about implementing.

  • You aren't doing any marketing, because you are unsure where to begin. 

  • You have worked with marketing agencies, SEO agencies with marginal results. 


  • If you are not willing to put the work in and put the strategies into place, then this program is not for you. 

  • You routinely miss meetings, or are late. You have to attend your 2x meeting each month, if you miss more than 2 sessions back to back, you will be kicked out of the program with penalty. 

  • Someone who believes they will instantly have a 6 or 7 figure business simply because they enrolled.

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What You Can Expect from Marketing Catalyst


Month 1: Foundations & Branding

Participants will outline their marketing strategy, establish a distinct brand identity for their law practice, and allocate their budget efficiently, laying the groundwork for all future marketing activities, similar to building a legal expertise foundation.


Month 2: Your Ideal Client

Identify and profile your ideal clients this month, tailoring your marketing strategies to attract these specific groups effectively, akin to a lawyer specializing in particular legal areas to better serve client needs.


Month 3: Digital Marketing Basics

Start implementing essential digital marketing tactics, optimizing your law firm's website for user engagement, and beginning SEO practices to enhance your online visibility, similar to adopting legal research methods for case preparation.


Month 4: Thought Leadership

Launch social media initiatives and email marketing campaigns to consistently engage with your potential and existing clients, reflecting thought leadership in your practice area and market


Month 5: Referral EcoSystem

Develop a structured referral system to encourage satisfied clients to refer others, akin to leveraging professional legal networks to expand client base.


Month 6: Digital Dominance

Apply advanced SEO strategies to increase your law firm's search engine rankings, ensuring your legal services are prominently visible online, just as a lawyer would use precise legal arguments to stand out in court.


Month 7: Paid Advertising

Initiate targeted paid advertising on suitable platforms to broaden your reach and attract new clients, similar to a law firm investing in specialized legal databases to enhance case research capabilities.


Month 8: Video Marketing

Produce and share compelling video content that showcases your legal expertise, using this dynamic medium to connect with a broader audience, as a lawyer uses persuasive courtroom presentations.


Month 9: Reputation & Reviews

Proactively manage your online reputation, encourage positive reviews from satisfied clients, and constructively respond to any feedback to build trust, mirroring a lawyer's dedication to maintaining a positive professional standing.


Month 10: Content Marketing

Create valuable, informative content that demonstrates your legal expertise, engaging your target audience and establishing your authority in the field, much like a lawyer publishing legal analysis to highlight their knowledge.


Month 11: Analytics & Tracking

Use analytics tools to monitor your marketing activities' effectiveness, making informed decisions to optimize your strategies, akin to a lawyer reviewing case outcomes to refine their legal approach.


Month 12: Scaling Up

Implement strategies to expand your marketing efforts, exploring new markets and innovative technologies to drive growth, just as a law firm might explore new legal specialties or open additional offices to reach more clients.


ScaleLegal utilizes innovative growth loop frameworks

We crafted a framework that is designed specifically for scaling legal marketing. We understand the market dynamics and challenges, which requires an integrated marketing strategy. Once your firm is large enough, then the Legal Marketing Operations Growth Loop is implemented to scale and streamline marketing. 

How it works:

  • We cover all aspects of the Legal Marketing Growth Loop throughout the year and help firms implement the elements of the growth loop that is best aligned to each individual firm.

  • Signature Client Experiences is the center of both Growth Loops, as we will help you ensure you create a unique differentitation in your practice area and geographic market. 

  • As your firm scales, we will work with you to implement the Marketing Operations Growth Loop, which is designed to scale your sales and marketing, improve performance and optimize for efficiency. 

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